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You rate all the pies … and apple pips steak to first place

And more evidence of our national sweet tooth appears further down the list. While savoury types dominate the top 10, lemon meringue pie came fifth, cherry pie seventh and chocolate pie 10th. Steak and kidney pie came in only at third but it was voted more quintessentially British than classic dishes such as bangers and mash, bubble and squeak or ...

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Egg sales crack £1 billion for the first time in Britain

Consumers bought 6.6 billion eggs in the year to March, according to analysts Kantar Worldpanel. It meant retail sales of eggs hit £1,003,873,346 in the past year, up six per cent on the previous 12 months. Experts say eggs were “on trend” with shoppers seeking more high-welfare brands in particular. Sales of free-range eggs are up 6.1 per cent and ...

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Samin Nosrat’s first cookbook – Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat – offers ideas along with recipes

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Here's Donald Trump's first meal as president and the recipes so you can make it, too

The Trump luncheon is the 10th held in National Statuary Hall.Leada Gore | lgore@al.com  Donald Trump’s first meal as president will include Maine lobster and Gulf shrimp with chocolate souffle and cherry vanilla ice cream, the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies announced. The meal will be served at a luncheon that follows the swearing-in ceremonies. It’s a tradition that ...

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