McDonald’s UK: Could a CHICKEN Big Mac soon be added to the menu?

The fast food chain in the UK has just launched its Signature Collection – a range of gourmet burgers – and UK bosses have now revealed work on its chicken menu items could be next on the cards. 

Admitting they take inspiration from other McDonald’s markets around the world, this means the Chicken Big Mac, which is available in Australia by popular demand, could make an appearance in UK restaurants. 

The Chicken Big Mac Down Under comes with crisp iceberg lettuce, melting signature cheese, onions, pickles and the Big Mac special sauce. 

But now instead of two beef patties, you get delicious chicken. 

Speaking to, Duncan Cruttenden, Head of Food Development at McDonald’s, revealed their plans to revamp chicken on the menu.  

He said: “We’ve obviously done work on beef so I think we’ll take another look at chicken at some point soon. 

“We’re constantly looking to refresh categories like blended ice and ice-cream as well, and we’re continually evolving our coffee menu.” 

Duncan described the process in which new McDonald’s items enter the menu. 

He said: “We talk to our customers and from there we understand what categories are missing or what categories they’d like to see improved on our menu. 

“We do lots of qualitative research which includes focus groups.” 

Duncan revealed they do take inspiration from other markets, so there is every chance the Chicken Big Mac could come to the UK. 

He said: “We do take inspiration from other markets in the same way their markets take inspiration from us. 

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