Grilled Firecracker Potato Salad

“today is July 4tth-happy 4th of July!

of course potato salad is a staple at a holiday such as this where bbq’s are on overload and everyone has had their meal planned for a while. about 6 weeks ago I made a potato salad from TOH website. had some catchy name made me want to make it regardless of my husband saying please just make your regular potato salad. it was a weird recipe but heck I’m game, like you blended the cooked eggs with rest of sauce. long story short I won’t make this one either bcz this one is nothing like mine. who puts cayenne and paprika in their potato salad, I know I don’ for holiday I did make my potato salad. my husband had a smile on is face, it is simple but it’s what we like and expect.”

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