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Food Recipe: Dodo frittata [Avocado]

I’m sure by now, you must have concluded that i am an avocado lover.  I think, I want to have avocado in most of my meals, not just because of my “fit-fam” life.  I am totally in love with this fruit. Breakfast plan. On this day, I am sitting down in my kitchen thinking of what to ha… Food Recipes ...

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Starbucks coffee products must have CANCER warning judge rules

Starbucks and 89 other coffee retailers were sued by a not-for-profit group on the grounds they were violating a California law requiring companies to warn consumers of chemicals in their products that could potentially cause cancer. The chemical in question in this case is acrylamide, a byproduct of roasting coffee beans present in high levels in brewed… Daily Express :: ...

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